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What is White Hat SEO? Benefits of White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a term that refers to optimizing the technical and content aspects of a website, or its method, in line with search engine guidelines. It refers to SEO performed in the form recommended by the ” Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide ” published by Google.

It means conducting site management and SEO that provide helpful information to website users without violating search engine services.

For example:

It optimizes meta information inside the site, publishing content that contributes to solving user problems, and promotes the acquisition of natural links.

For the basic idea of ​​white hat SEO, the following entries will be helpful, so please have a look if you are interested.

Three points to remember with Google’s SEO Advice for those who say “white hat SEO doesn’t work.” White hat SEO means. Let’s check concretely what kind of means there is for white hat SEO. 

Complies with Google General guidelines

The Google General Guidelines are guidelines for Google to evaluate the quality of your website. The guideline’s content is open to the public and will be updated when there is an algorithm update.


Google General Guidelines about White Hat SEO

Follow the guidelines The Google General guidelines have three main structures.

  1. Quality evaluation guidelines
  2. Evaluation criteria
  3. Applicable range latest updates

It is essential to carefully read the Google General guidelines and avoid deviating from them when dealing with SEO. The Google General guidelines are like “rules” published by the platform operator Google. Of course, if you break it, you may be penalized or unable to display it at the top.

First and foremost, it’s essential to comply with Google General guidelines and then take SEO measures. Google General Guidelines Create quality content The key to white hat SEO is the quality of its content. Create quality content If the content is of good quality. Search engines will evaluate it, and the ranking will naturally rise.


What exactly is good content?

There are many characters. Of course, the large number of characters does not necessarily mean the quality is high, but you check the content displayed at the top. It is also true that the number of characters tends to be significant. Please also refer to the following articles for the relationship between SEO and the number of characters.


What is content that complies with Google guidelines?

Content that complies with the guidelines refers to the following content.

  1. Content that meets your search intent
  2. Original content
  3. Content that covers information

In addition to the above content, the meta information inside the site is optimized and structured. The content with natural links obtained by it is the “content that complies with the guidelines” required by Google.

Looking at this sentence alone, it seems that the hurdles are pretty high, but in a nutshell, it means, “let’s write an article that is useful to the user,” so you don’t have to think too hard.


Is long content with a large number of characters advantageous in SEO?

It’s also important to update old content. The information is fresh, and what was sufficient at creation may become incorrect or inadequate over time. Of course, creating new content and increasing the total amount is essential, but forget to modify and maintain past content that has already received a specific evaluation from search engines and has also acquired backlinks.

One of the criteria that Google appreciates content is the authority of “Does an expert properly write it?” If you’re an expert in creating content, you must have a solid profile to show your authority.

Technical Measurements

Technical measures are in place. Even if you follow the Google General guidelines and create good content, your search ranking will not improve unless the value is communicated to search engines. Technical measures need to be taken to convey the website’s value firmly.


How to get the Backlinks naturally?

There is only one straightforward way to get the link naturally. Create high-quality content that makes you want to link to other sites, expand awareness through SNS, etc. and acquire links.

In my opinion, The first thing I want to do is link building. I am linking from other sites, so-called “backlinks.”

There are two types of links

  1. One that can be acquired naturally and one that is intentional.
  2. The method of knowingly obtaining links is risky.

Let’s aim for natural acquisition. It is essential to adequately describe the HTML source to convey its contents to the search engine correctly. The title element is the highest priority.

The text described in the title is displayed in the search results and is visible to the searching user, significantly affecting the number of accesses. Points should be within 35 double-byte characters. Since 35 characters are displayed in the search results, it is practical to make the content more accessible for the viewer to understand if it fits within that range. It is also essential to put the keyword you want to deal with in front of the title text as much as possible; Technical measures are in place.

Let’s also describe canonical in HTML. Canonical is a description to tell the search engine which page is legitimate when there are multiple URLs with duplicate contents. First, pages with the same content should be reduced as much as possible.


7 Important Benefits of White Hat SEO

There are a lot of benefits

  1. White hat SEO is a method that can build a network with the online user.
  2. The effect of White hat SEO success will help capture inflow in the medium to long term.
  3. Helpful content for users, essential for white hat SEO, will contribute to further communication between users and establish a stronger position.
  4. It can help to earn more through Google ads, Product selling, and Amazon affiliate marketing.
  5. It will give Google-friendly results that make your ranking higher in Google search results.
  6. This type of SEO will never break your website’s reputation.
  7. With the help of white hat SEO, you can easily rank in Google.

After reading the above, if you are working on SEO measures, you may want to practice white hat SEO. But you may not know what to start with; what should I do specifically? Is it implemented on my site in the first place? I want to introduce the points to those who have such questions. I explained that white hat SEO is an SEO approach that follows Google’s guidelines in the first place, so it’s essential to read Google’s guidelines and search engine optimization starter guides.

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