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How to get high-quality backlinks for free in 2021

“How to get high-quality backlinks?” Is it still the best SEO strategy for every marketer?

The reason, “Backlinks” is still the most critical ranking factor for all search engines. Backlink means a link from another website to your website.

To get the top ranking in the search results, you need to have many high-quality backlinks. And getting high-quality backlinks is not hard work. You can get it by doing brilliant work.

Here, We are providing nine ways to get quality backlinks for free in 2021.

Create high-quality content for backlinks

High-quality content always attracts links. As high-quality content, you can publish original surveys, a complete tutorial, your case studies, surveys, etc.

Always write content for your audience, not Google. Your content must be easy to read and informative. If you do, many users will share your content and also give you a backlink.

Broken link building

Broken link building is the fastest link-building technology. You can use this technology to build quality links. But how?

Every top website on the web suffers from broken links. Broken links are a terrible user experience, so no web admin wants it to happen.

Here you can get the benefits of this. First, find the best sites related to your niche. Then search the site for broken links. To find the broken links on a website, you can use Ahref’s Broken Link Checker tool.

Once you have found the broken link, contact your webmaster and let them know about their broken link. Notify them of a broken link; enter your content link to replace that link. Do not be greedy; always be kind when contacting the webmaster.

If you do not have content related to the broken link, you can create one and then let the webmaster know about it.

Guest blogging for high-quality backlinks

Guest blogging is still the most popular and effective way to build links. It helps you increase your brand claim and followers on social media.

Here it would help if you found sites in your niche that accept guest posts. To find the guest blog sites in your place, you can use google search operators.

find guest blog pages

Using search operators, you can narrow down the search results and get a perfect website for submitting a guest blog.

If you want to submit an article related to SEO, you can write “SEO + Guest post” on google. You can also use “write for us”, “become a contributor”, “send an article”, etc. instead of “guest post” in a google search.

This way, you can submit your article to the best sites. Don’t forget to add your social media links to your author cinema.

Submit infographics

There is a massive demand for infographics as they are easy to understand and help earn backlinks.

You can also create Infographics to earn backlinks. Now choose a trending topic in your niche, make an infographic on it, and then post it to popular sites like Visual.ly, Mashable, etc.

If your Infographic goes viral, you can earn a lot of backlinks. Submit your infographic to the best sites to increase your chances of getting high-quality backlinks.

You can use these top 10+ free Infographics submission sites to submit your infographics.

Market your content

If you have high-quality content, market it as much as possible. When you sell your range, people will notice it, and then they will share it, and finally, you will earn backlinks.

There are many ways to market content; here are some of them:

First, share your content with your email subscribers by sending an email.

Share your content on Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups.

Create a presentation of your content and share it on sites like Slideshare.

Create a video of your content and then share it on sites like YouTube.

Find sites that run weekly or monthly, and then submit your content link to include it in their next roundup.

Write testimonials

Write a testimonial for websites you use services. Contact them and tell them about your experience with their services.

They will include your grade and give you a backlink mostly from their website.

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