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LinkBuilding - Link Building Techniques

Table of Content

LinkBuilding >> Link Building Techniques
1- How to Get Links or BackLinks from other sites
〉〉What is Linkbuilding?
〉〉Page Ranking 
2- Here is everything you need to understand about link building in 2021

3-Google guidelines that you must take to get links or backlinks
4- Some simple tips to gain links or backlinks
5- Discover some more advanced tips to get links
〉〉 Discover the backlinks of competitors
〉〉 Recovers “Broken Links” or “Brooked Links”
〉〉 Convert your mentions into backlinks
〉〉 LinkBaiting
6- Final Reflections

1) How to get Links or BackLinks from other Websites?

〉What is Link building?

The Link building base is building external links or Backlinks to increase the popularity and authority of our mainly to the Google search engine The generation of such links can be activated through other sites is called Link building 
The Link building strategy that is carried out over time on a website almost indefinitely until the end of the useful life of that page. The link building as a strategy will be more or less successful in terms of economic resources but also materials that are available (to invest in buying links, to write as an author on other blogs, in forums, write quality articles, spy on the competition etc.) 

〉Page Ranking 

PageRank is a mathematical formula created by ahrefs to judges the value of a page
based on the quantity and quality of other pages that link to it.

2) Here is everything you need to understand about link building in 2021

Whether you like it or not, it is necessary to get high-quality backlinks in 2021, to position your website, achieve organic traffic and of course increase your income and conversions.
Because some time ago, Google declared that getting quality links or backlinks is one of the most important Google ranking factors Does Google have a version of the search engine where the importance of backlinks is excluded? I wonder what that version would be like and I am interested to try it. We don’t have such a version that has been tested in public, but we have done such experiments in-house, and the quality of the results is much, much worse.
Although there is a lot of noise and a lot of spam, backlinks still provide quality to the search results. It is true that we have been weighing the idea of ​​eliminating the importance of backlinks and, at least for the moment, getting links or backlinks is the most important factor to ensure that we can offer the most relevant search results for the user.

3) Google's guidelines that you must understand to get links or backlinks

It is very important to quality guidelines that Google establishes with respect to links or backlinks, which on the other hand are very clear, your links must be of quality, relevant, and is focused on improving the user experience. For those of you who do not be aware of what links we are talking about, they are those that point to your website and that have certain characteristics.

It is very important that Google’s quality guidelines regarding backlinks, which on the other hand are very clear. The link attainment strategy should be directed towards quality backlinks, with relevance and be focused on improving the user experience.

The backlinks, as we have been talking about during this post, are inbound links that point to our website with the aim of providing authority according to Google.

Some simple tips to gain links or Backlinks

An elaborate Linkbuilding strategy can be burdensome for your pocket, although in the long run, it will translate into a website with sufficient authority that will gain positions in Google.
Proper link building is not easy or much less economical but you can use other SEO techniques, with which to start even today, without excessive effort and minimal expense.

Ask for backlinks from others

It is a good way to start blogging if you are a beginner in the world of blogging.
First of all start to think of your friends, family, partners, colleagues, clients, and paid posting blog owners who have a blog or a site ask them a backlink from their blog in exchange for another or Ask us then we will give you backlinks from paid Authority websites.
The important thing is that you request that these links be found within the content You already know the saying “who does not cry, does not breast”

You should also make sure the backlinks that come from another blog are relevant to your niche, Otherwise, it won’t have much of an impact and may even be detrimental.

Build long lasting relationships with them if possible

To get links, you need to build good relationships. There are many opportunities to build new contacts. You should start to communicate with that community related to your niche, such as forums, social networks, paid guest posting websites that need to be nurtured by good writers with some frequency.
You should take the first step to start contributing, relevant comments, and blog posts.
By actively participating in these niche-focused communities, not only will you get some good backlinks, but you will always have access to the latest industry news and you can connect with some interesting people who share your passions as well as being invited to write relatively frequently, which will provide your website with free and natural links with a lot of value, just as Google likes them.

Offer a testimonial

Linking on testimonial pages is a “winner winner chicken dinner”. Many companies that are promoting their products, services, and tools offer the opportunity to say a few words about their products.
They are what we call reviews
It is a good way to develop the trust of the customers who want to try your product or service. On the other hand, it is a big opportunity to gain backlink and potential traffic from their sites. Of course, make sure that the product or service is worth it.

That way you both win: the tool or company receives your opinion about it (normally positive) and you receive a free link in addition to traffic and dissemination.

Add a blog page into your website

Another good practice is to add a blog to your business website; You have to be clear that you should publish periodically, focusing on the needs of your customers. It is not worth publishing a couple of times and forgetting about the blog. Consistency and working Long Tail keywords is essential.

With this you will be able to position yourself as a person with authority and an expert in your sector. To do this you must make sure that your content is relevant, useful, original and well structured.
This is the only way to ensure that the world wants to bond with you over and over again.

Write a good and unique post as a guest

There are many sites and blogs that will agree to publish your article. Before writing an article somewhere, make sure that:

  • The blog or a website is must relevant to your topic which you want to write.
  • The article should never be about how big your brand or company is.
  • It should be well written and interesting.

5) Discover some more advanced tips to get links

Discover the backlinks of competitors

If you research your competitors, you will probably notice that they have some backlinks in common that you don’t have yet. If they are able to get these backlinks, then why should you not do it?

All you have to do is analyze those links and try to get them too, using specific tools like Ahrefs. SEMrush. These are the best (in my opinion) tools on the market to analyze websites and improve your ranking in the Google algorithm.

Recovers “Broken Links” or “Brooked Links''

A Broken Link (also called a Dead Link) is a link that “no longer works”, and this is because the browser when trying to follow the link encounters one of these situations:

  • The page URL has been changed and the appropriate redirects have not been set.
  • The URL being pointed to is incorrect, often because it is misspelled. We will meet the fatal “404”
  • The domain has directly ceased to exist. Is closed
  • Access blocks either by the server
    One of the most interesting possibilities is to access the broken Wikipedia links (Google has it as a trusted place); look there through Ahrefs for broken links and replace them.

Convert your mentions into backlinks

Sometimes, there are those who mention your brand or product, or use one of your infographics or one of your articles but do not link it to your website. In situations like these, it is usually enough to contact the site administrator and ask him to convert that mention into an inbound link


Post great content…. and everyone will want to bond with him. Well yes … it seems easy … or not … but working on great content whatever the type, when it is not good but excellent, it will open the doors to be linked by others

What does great content mean to Google and to users? 

  • Proper extension 
  • Audiovisual content (image and video) 
  • Respecting spelling, consistency and tone 
  • Sharable on social media 
  • With link structure 
  • That adds value with your content 
  • Original 
  • Relevancy 
  • User experience
    Google checks the technical characteristics of your site, such as loading speed, navigation, layout, keyword density , WPO, etc. In addition, they will measure user experience through click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, or time spent on the site.

Final Reflections/Conclusion

As we have seen throughout this article, a website is alive and from its birth, we have to feed it not only with content but also with external links that must meet a series of characteristics.
The reason for these links is to provide our website with authority in order for Google to recognize our site and position it in the first place. It is a long-distance race. For this, we have seen different techniques, some more complex and others that we can start to put into practice now!

Do you know any technique to get links that you can comment on? I hope you want to share them with us